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Max Protien

Hi everyone,

 Protien is needed for body to be fit an average person needs protien about - 0.8 grams of protien.

I am trying it out and i also experienced some gains. The taste of the chocolate is really good and i loved it. After hitting gym i like to have chocolates. Max protein chocolates contains -

  •  20 grams of protein in one serving size of 67 grams
  • 5 geam fibre
  • Fortified with 21 vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Serves well as a meal replacement
  • Zero added sugar

Max protein chips are also keep you fit

It contains :
  • Non fried and non baked
  • 65 percent less fat
  • 10 grams protein and 3 grams fibre

I love these products and you guys will also love this. Its amazing idea to get fit by eating snack and you guys gonna enjoy it.
You can follow them  instagram @Maxprotein

Oficial website :

Buy there products on Amazon,Flipkart.

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