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Being Sporty feat

Hi everyone,

Hoodies always give you a stylish look wear a hoodie and you are ready tos conquer hearts here i am styled with drag racing sport trim hoodie from as i told you in last post of them that is a biggest online casual brand which have so many options in clothing like hoodies,shorts,t shirts,jeans etc. Great fit has long been and forever will be,I received men's raglan drag racing sport trim hoodie which is so comfortable to wear and this hoodie is really stylish.So i have paired it with black slim jeans and i decided to style with same jean and try different shoes options.

look 1:

 All black hoodie and then here comes white stripes i just love the design white touch they have given the stripes looks soo good and in front they have a printed racing sign which made it a Significant.

Now in front a tag of racing 83 and on back they have given a full print which is really look amazing whole print on back and the quality of print yes about the stripes too its just fabulous.
Getting out of my ride and wearing this hoodie
and getting in mall i found myself looking more dapper than most of the guys.

Look 2

So in look 2 i just wanted to give it a pure sports look here in look 3 i decided to go with jordans jumpan23 shoes. You will love to wear this hoodie while riding your sports bike.

Look 3

Here in look 3 i decided to style with white sneakers.

Its really comfortable to wear its regular fit and 100% cotton moreover the design from front and back and the white stripes the combination of black and white is amazing delivering you such a cool stuff and they have shown so much details this shows how much they care about their customers like on drag racing sign on back which is of white color they have also shown a black color on its like a paint which just fell off on the print so much detailing they have offered.

Hope you guys liked the looks Grab your men's raglan drag racing sport trim hoodie which is available on

Also check there wide range of shirts,joggers,hoddies,pajamas,denim jeansv neck t shirts and many more.

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